Sunday, March 08, 2009

world naked bike ride day 2009

i've written about this in the past. and i thought it'd let it go, but...

it's that time of year again:

yes, indeed.



World Naked Bike Ride Day.

here's the official website:
oh, the horror.

the horror.

i wrote a couple of posts about World Naked Bike Ride Day about 2 years ago. you can check them out:
i tried to forget about it, but i've had a macabre fascination over it that i just can't let go of. it's kind of like watching the proverbial train wreck in slow motion: you know it's inevitable, you know it's awful, just. cannot. stop. watching.

even though you don't want to.

this year it appears the World Naked Bike Ride Day is actually on 2 days at 2 very different times of the year, with the Southern Hemisphere taking its bow (oops...sorry, just couldn't resist saying that, just too easy) this Saturday, March 14, and the Northern Hemisphere having its uppance (ouch...sorry, just couldn't say the first without saying the second) on Saturday, June 13.

i have to note that the cause--yes, there actually is one--is surprisingly sublime despite the inanity (or insanity, depending on your point of view...oh wait, i did it again, sorry, couldn't resist saying that one either...or maybe it was just a Freudian slip...oh phooey, i did it again...and again...and again) of the event. it's ostensibly meant to 1) assert the rights and safety of cyclists on the roads, and 2) encourage the use of bicycles as an alternative form of transport to alleviate the consumption of non-renewable sources of energy.

of course, having said that, i still have to say that i think the visual onslaught of this protest sort of overwhelms its message.

just a little (oh damn...i did it again. sorry. this is just too easy. you can't make this stuff up).

just watch out for the international news reports. the videos and articles that crop up every time this event is run are hilarious. if you want to get a gist, just check out this sample from last year (note: if you're squeamish, close your eyes):

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