Monday, October 09, 2006

injury report

i'm injured.

and i'm a somewhat irritated and annoyed. mostly at myself.

it's not bad bad. but it's bad.

i strained my lower back doing plyometric drills with the rest of the team. in the muscle on the right side of the spine next to the tailbone.

it's a pulled muscle. nothing permanently debilitating, nothing long-term serious. but definitely something that's knocked me out of commission for awhile, and definitely something excruciating.

i never realized just how crucial the tailbone area was. it hurts right now to walk. it hurts to stand. it hurts to sit. it hurts to lie down. it pretty much hurts doing everything.

and not just a little.

i figure i'm out of any exercise for a week. which is driving me nuts. i'm used to following my training schedule, and i'm used to having a certain level of conditioning. and now i'm going to have to deal with the a week's loss.


i hate injuries. just hate them.

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