Sunday, November 26, 2006

training round-up, week ending 11-25-06

i was sick most of this week. boooooooooooo!!!

i ended up taking some more rest days than i would have liked, but i just wasn't feeling well. i missed a long run (i had to cut the sunday trail run short because of headache and fever), and i missed a long swim (i had wanted to get in a continuous 3000 yards, but had to swap it out due to continuing headache and fever).

having said that, i did get in the 60 mile bike ride i'd wanted to get in--and which was by far the most crucial workout this week:

sunday, nov. 19

  • trail run (weekly long run), 5.5 miles, aerobic conditioning (zone 2 & zone 3), Rose Bowl arroyo trail, start time 8 am
monday, nov. 20

  • swim (intervals, 4x400s), 2200 yards, muscular endurance (zone 2 & zone 3), macdonald's swim stadium, start time 6 am
tuesday, nov. 21

sick day (i slept in)

wednesday, nov. 22

sick day

thursday, nov. 23

  • bike ride (long ride), 62 miles, aerobic conditioning (zone 2 & zone 3), santa ana river trail, start time 9 am
friday, nov. 24

sick day

saturday, nov. 25

  • kung fu (active rest), garfield park, start time 9:30 am

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