Saturday, February 10, 2007

training round-up, week ending 2-10-07

nothing much on the training schedule this week. i still felt sluggish coming off the recovery week. but i felt much better after the sunday run, and i can tell i'm backed off the overtraining edge since my body seems to be recovering much quicker off the workouts--i was a little sore going into wednesday, but found the spin session left me feeling much better. of course, i'll let you know if this continues.

apart from that, i'm starting to believe that triathlon is really conducive to eating disorders. i found myself having a conniption fit last weekend over the apparent stubborness of the holiday weight i'd put on over Christmas (the mirror never lies, and what the mirror showed was not what i was at the end of last year). it's been 4 weeks since the holidays and the weight just. did. not. want. to. come. off...

i pretty much spent this past week reducing caloric intake and obsessing over calories and nutrition. i was just tired of feeling the extra weight. i just was. i ended up focusing on eating only until i stopped feeling hungry, as opposed to eating until i felt full.

i'm a little bit more happy now with what i'm seeing in the mirror. at least i'm seeing some movement back to what i'm used to living with.

but dude, i can totally see how this can easily become a pathologically chronic practice of daily sessions in the mirror and a neurotic relationship with food. the pressure is there. not that body composition is really all that crucial for an amateur triathlete. but i've felt the punishment that's experienced for excess weight on race day, and i just don't ever want to deal with it if i don't have to. triathlons are hard enough without the additional burden of jiggling luggage, and weight-induced gastric distress, cramps, heat exhaustion, over-accelerated heart rate, high blood pressure, dehydration, and god knows what other curses are tied to the many-headed hydra that is useless fat. and because of that, i'll willing to consider many things to keep. the. weight. off...

see what i mean? the gates to eating disorder.

sunday, feb. 4


  • trail run (weekly long run), 12 miles, aerobic & anaerobic conditioning (zone 3 & zone 4), rose bowl arroyo trail, start time 9:00am
monday, feb. 5


  • swim (technique & pull), 2200 yards, aerobic conditioning (zone 3), mcdonald's swim stadium, start time 6:00am
  • weight training (chest & abs), 30 minutes, immediately following
  • run (maintenance), 4.8 km, aerobic conditioning (zone 3), loker track stadium, start time 6:30pm
tuesday, feb. 5

rest day

wednesday, feb. 6

  • stationary bike (cadence), 60 minutes, aerobic conditioning (zone 2 & zone 3), lyons center, start time 6am
  • weight training (abs), 20 minutes, immediately following
thursday, feb. 7


  • weight training (chest, shoulders, & lower back), 45 minutes, lyons center, start time 6am
  • run (intervals, 4x400 main), 6.4 km, aerobic & anaerobic conditioning (zone 4 & zone 5), loker track stadium, start time 6:30pm
friday, feb. 8


  • swim (build), 3400 yards, aerobic conditioning (zone 3), mcdonald's swim stadium, start time 6am
  • weight training (abs), 20 minutes, immediately following
  • run (active rest), 12 minutes, aerobic conditioning (zone 2), loker track stadium, start time 5:30pm
  • kung fu (active rest), 40 minutes, immediately following
saturday, feb. 9


  • kung fu (active rest), casuda canyon park, start time 10:30 am

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