Sunday, July 15, 2007

it is national ice cream day (awwwww yeah, babeeee!!!)

it's national ice cream day.

the greatest day. EVER.

yes. EVER.

did you hear me? EVER.

awwwwww, yeah, babeeeeee!!!

3rd sunday of every July...meaning July 15, 2007. today.

here's some info about national ice cream day, and ice cream in general:
making this a holiday was an act of enlightened genius. almost as enlightened, and almost as genius, as actually having invented it.

seriously. i love ice cream. LOVE ice, you don't understand: I. LOVE. ICE. CREAM. the creamy goodness. the cool smoothiness. the sugary sweetness. the savory tastiness. i love love love love love it.

ice cream is amazing.

ice cream is ambrosia.

ice cream is nirvana.

ice cream is divine.

ice cream is god.

and let us worship him together...can i get an amen? amen. i said, can i get an a-men? A-MEN!


there's nothing better on a hot summer day than ice cold ice cream--the kind that sends the shivers into your skull (the classic "brain freeze"). and there's nothing better on a cold winter day than a slice of oven-warm pie with freezer-fresh ice cream. and there's nothing like drowning your sorrows in a comforting bowl of your favorite flavor of ice cream (oh, the memories of sitting at a table with my grandmother, talking and sorting out all of life's travails over cups of strawberry and chocolate and vanilla ice cream...).


my growth in ice cream palette reads like a record of my life. when i was young, i gravitated towards the more basic flavors (chocolate, fudge, vanilla, cherry, strawberry). as i got into adolescence i ventured out into the mixed tastes (peppermint, bubble gum, rocky road, maple pecan, coffee, caramel swirl). now that i'm an adult, i've gone into edgier, more adventurous fare (rose, green tea, tarot root, avocado, jackfruit, kiwi, pomegranate, cinnamon, rosemary)--although, i have to say, in moments of supreme nostalgia and sentimentalism, i'll still come back to the basics, and just indulge with great fondness in the memories and tastes of simpler times.

what's funny is that i'm lactose intolerant. meaning dairy products just have a holiday in my digestive system.

but there are some things in life that are worth the price to enjoy them, and ice cream is one of them. NOTHING will stop me from ice cream. no freakin' workout plan, no freakin' diet plan, no freakin' sport restrictions, no freakin' training schedule, no freakin' racing goals, no freakin' nothin'. i may be an athlete. but by god, i am human, and ain't nothin' going to deny me my rights to my humanity.

and ice cream is humanity.

can i get an amen? amen. i said, can i get an a-men? A-MEN!


in honor of this most holy of days, let us take communion with the divine and partake in the consumption of the sacred. go to your nearest ice cream shop, and find your favorite ice cream--or better yet, live on the edge and find a flavor you've never tried know, the kind that you've eyed across the way, and giggled and quivered over with unbridled imagination and unrestrained lust, the kind your parents told you to stay away from and your older sister claimed for herself, and that you were just too nervous to walk over and give a try...weeeeeelllllllll, now's the time to give it a try. go ahead. it's time you enjoyed it for yourself. nothing's stopping you. and you know you want to....

in honor of this most holy of days, let us eat ice cream with all the passion, commitment, discipline, diligence, strength, and endurance that we as athletes give to our sport and our lives. eat! eat, i say! eat to save our souls! are we athletes or aren't we? endurance! fortitude! courage! guts! ice cream! ice cream! ice cream!

in honor of this most holy of days, i am casting my aversion to corporate commercialism out the window and promoting ice cream in all its forms with all the gleeful abandon and utter innocence that this food deserves...and yeah, maybe it's not really food, and maybe it's not really innocent, but i refuse to believe it's evil, and i'll deny anyone who says it's a sin--and even if it is, then you may as well open up the doors to hell, baby, because we're going in with 2 scoops and load of hot fudge sundaes!

so for the sake of promotion, here's some classic corporate ice cream companies...go to them today and enjoy their products, if at all possible:
and not to forget the little guy, here's some local stores where i live (and which, incidentally, have better quality and wider selection to choose from)--some of them don't have websites, so i'm making do with reviews of them:
if anybody has any others they'd like to add, let me know and i'll put them on the list.

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