Saturday, December 13, 2008

playlist: winter & christmas songs

i am writing this post with absolutely no point whatsoever.

as you can probably guess, this isn't typical for me. usually, i write things with a purpose, and try as much as possible to have something to say. if for no other reason that i want readers to feel like there's a value in reading my stuff.

but right now, for various reasons, all i can really think about is music. winter break music to be exact. and for no purpose, other than it's just winter and christmas (apologies to non-Christians out there...just substitute whatever holiday of your choice occurs around this time) and new year's, and my mind is wandering as it always does this season.

it's not music i consider extra-special. but just stuff that has a certain charm. i'd almost label it sweet. if nothing else, music that just makes me feel good, in a subdued, nostalgic, sentimental, innocent, hopeful sort of way. enough so that i thought maybe it'd be nice to share.

so here's what i've been listening to--and feel free to add yours to the list:

otis redding, merry christmas, baby:

otis redding, white christmas:

here's some older stuff for those of you who prefer the classic stuff:
bing crosby & marjorie reynolds, white christmas:

margaret whiting & johnny mercer, baby, it's cold outside:

nat king cole, the christmas song:

and here's some slightly more modern stuff, for those of you who prefer that:
david bowie & bing crosby, little drummer boy:

band aid, feed the world:

john legend, when it's cold outside:

happy holidays, folks. hope the best for you.

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