Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a vacation and a return

as some of you have told me, i haven't posted anything here for awhile.

my deepest apologies. i know some of you have become regular readers, and i know that my audience extended to an international readership. and i suspect that i may have lost a few followers.

there's some reasons for this. i took a bit of a break, accompanied by a brief vacation. in part unwanted, but in part wanted. but all of it very much needed. and this required that i close off access to this blog for a while.

i won't go into details, since it involves some personal things that i suspect would either bore you or not impress you. suffice it to say that i wasn't entirely happy, and was deeply disappointed and profoundly disturbed by some events in my life. things have been resolved--not entirely, but to a degree that i can move on.

but i'm back now, and people are free to read this blog once again.

so welcome, and i hope you can all find your way to joining me once again.

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