Saturday, September 19, 2009

international talk like a pirate day 2009 (channeling captain jack sparrow)

ok. it's time for a day off. i'm not doing or talking or thinking about anything related to sports today. i'm sore. i'm tired. i'm hungry. and i'm really interested in nothing other than going back to sleep. and the only reason i don't is this:

today, Saturday, September 19, is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

i've written about this before:
i'd forgotten about it, but then i saw the CNN news report on it (see below), and was reminded about it once again. ahhhhhhhhhh. yes.

one of the dreams in my life has always been race in pirate gear, dressed up like my hero, Captain Jack Sparrow. i haven't had such blessing to do so, but this day lets me ponder the possibilities. and it will come. yes, it will come. by the doors of Davy Jones' locker and the beatin' heart of a dead man's chest, i'll represent the pirate's code and make for a race day yet!




ahoy! avast ye scurvy dogs!!! prepare to be boarded and thrown to the mast!


and just what be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, you ask? ye can learn more here:
celebrate this day with me, my hearties. and know we be not alone, for their be proof that thar be others like ourselves makin' merry on here day:
and no, we be not bad. why even yon magazine New Yorker espied our trade, and offered up compliments:
and just so you know me hero, Captain Jack Sparrow, i'll leave you with this tale:
so celebrate! tell all the mateys. and tell 'em i sent ya! and remember: this is the day you will always remember as the day you met...Captain...Jack...Sparrow!



Kevin said...

Hey Nice Blog! I like the topics section with all the different areas. What is that gadget called? (I'm kind of new.)

jonathan starlight said...

it's just a tag you can put into all the blog can see it when you go to the section that says "edit posts".