Thursday, November 05, 2009

ban the speedshop

i ordinarily eschew anything that might give the appearance of marketing, focusing instead on just commentary and recommendations. but occasionally something comes along that is so notable that it stands on its own independent of commercial overtones.

this is one of them:
this is, without a doubt, an act of sheer genius. it is one of the most hilarious videos on cycling i've ever come across. even for people not into cycling, the writing and delivery are so over-the-top that you can't miss the satire. and for those into cycling, you'll catch everything that's being parodied.

for all that, you barely notice that it's a video for Pearl Izumi. it's that funny.

my favorite line: "...cycling is supposed to be are too cold, you are too hot, you are stinky, you are smelly." a friend of mine tells me the last part (which is in italian) is even better, since the speaker goes off talking about technology and how much he hates it.

but anyways, just watch it for yourself, and enjoy.

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