Tuesday, January 05, 2010

back after a break

well, i'm back. i took a family vacation over the winter holidays, and promised myself to get away for a while by completely unplugging from anything work or school-related.

no reason really, other than this: quality time with the folks isn't really quality until you actually commit...and sometimes that means ensuring your focus is on them and nothing else--our time in life is unfortunately a finite quantity, and this unfortunately means that allocating that time is a 0-sum game, where you can increase an allocation of time to one thing only by decreasing the allocation of time to another. for most people, the decision over allocation often weighs more towards work and school and less to family or self.

this time, i wanted to be sure it went to the latter and less the former.

but i'm back now. so i'll resume posting for all you. i know there's a regular following, based on the Google Analytics reports, and from a surprisingly wide range of countries around the world.

i'm writing for you. give us a shout out!

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