Monday, May 23, 2011

my exercise videos

people always ask me what kind of exercises i do for strength training. especially the kinds of movements i've been doing to deal with my various core and stabilization issues.

it's been hard to give an answer. i have a lot of exercises that i've learned over the past few years, all of which i've found effective, but they tend to be pretty hard to describe. i've tried to find videos on Youtube that demonstrate the exercises, but it's been hard to locate them.

as a result, i decided to just suck it up and make videos of all the exercises myself. i figured a video was worth a thousand words. that, and i figure i should finally do something with my Youtube channel, and this is about as good a use for it as any.

you can see all the exercises at my Youtube channel:
these aren't super high-production quality videos. nothing fancy. friends and i made them just using a handheld point-and-shoot digital camera. but i figure they're enough for people to get the idea of what to do.

these are most, although, not all the strength training exercises i've been doing. while they target different muscle groups in the body, they all involve core and stability strength to some degree. in addition, they also train motor coordination and balance, using compound multi-planar movements to engage the neuro-muscular and balance systems. overall, they improve body structure and functional strength useful for athletics--not just specifically for triathlon or endurance sports in particular, but for all sports in general.

i've picked up these exercises from physical therapists, dancers, pilates instructors, yoga instructors, martial arts teachers, sports trainers, coaches, and fellow athletes over the years. i've started to collect these, in a way. originally, i learned them in an effort to deal with body structure issues responsible for my lower back problems, but i've come to take them as really good training tools and an integral component of every athlete's conditioning regimen. that, and they're just a really good challenge, and in a perverse way, actually quite good fun.

here's some of my favorites:

single ball pike leg twist:

swiss ball glute ham curl single leg:

glute ham curl:

construction crane:

i should note that the videos on the Youtube channel are not complete. there are other exercises that i do, and no doubt there will be a lot more exercises that i'll learn as time goes on. so i'll be adding videos to the ones you see eventually. but these should do for now.

please feel free to provide comments. and also please feel free to share any exercises you may know. i'm always interested in learning more--there's nothing quite so pleasurable as knowing we're all sharing something excruciatingly fun. yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope this helps. cheers!

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