Wednesday, June 08, 2011

World Oceans Day 2011

well, fellow athletes of the amphibious or aquatic kind, and fellow fans of the marine environment, guess what?

it is World Oceans Day. i was not aware there was a day dedicated to the oceans of our Earth, but apparently in 2008 the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution that June 8 of every year would be World Oceans Day, dedicated to devoting attention to the health and welfare of the planet's seas.

i know, it doesn't seem like they did a very good job promoting it. at least in the U.S., it has been a non-event. i only learned about it today via a Facebook announcement from National Geographic. but it is relatively recent, so i suspect that like any event it takes a little time to gather momentum. Earth Day, for example, took several decades to get to the world-recognized scale it has now.

given the amount of time i--and i suspect most of you--devote to the ocean environment, whether swimming, surfing, snorkeling, diving, boating, fishing, flying, or simply watching, i think it's worthwhile to support efforts to maintain it. especially considering it is ~75% of the surface of the Earth, and especially considering how much we use it. so i encourage everyone to take some time to learn more and help out if you can. here's some useful links about what's going on for today:
the UN webcast looks interesting, and is supposed to be live. catch it if you can. cheers, and remember the ocean the next time you're in it, or wishing you were.

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