Sunday, April 22, 2012

earth day 2012

oh phooey. i almost forgot to make my annual post in contribution to Earth Day. i'll put this up, albeit it won't match my posts for previous commemorations.

you can see my usual posts on Earth Day in the past: Earth Day 2011.  i've written posts every year since 2007, but you can use the links from there.

i won't say much this year, other than remind everyone that given the amount of time endurance athletes spend outdoors (swimming pools, lakes, shorelines, rivers, streams, alleys, streets, highways, paths, trails, roads, etc., etc., etc.), we all hold a healthy respect for the world around us and should aspire to make it as good an environment as we possibly can.

to that end, this year's theme for Earth Day 2012 is Mobilize the Earth, and calls upon everyone to mobilize awareness and action to help improve the environment.  this includes doing something--even if just 1 thing, no matter how small--to express some care for the planet.  for more information regarding today's events, you can reference:
 remember: we use the planet to pursue our passions and to fulfill our dreams. being responsible means that as much as we take, we should also give. because it's not just about us, but also about everyone around us and everyone that will follow us. keep the world for them.


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