Saturday, July 20, 2013

more dynamic warm-up exercises

it's not been fun dealing w these nagging injuries. it has, to say the least, put a serious crimp into my fitness level and disrupted my routine. the consequences have been physical (being a fat slob) and mental (being out of sorts for being a flat slob, and being out sorts from not being able to follow my routine).

what's been bothering me the most is that the injuries won't go away. whenever i seem to be getting back into a groove and making progress, the problems come right back again, forcing me into another shutdown for rest and recuperation.

i'm starting suspect that i may be focusing on the wrong thing: i've been obsessing on the post-injury recovery when maybe i should have been focusing on riding the rehabilitation and following pre-injury preventative practices.  and by that i mean i should have been doing more to make sure i was limiting my body's susceptibility to re-aggravating these injuries. specifically--and some of you have probably guessed it--i should have been doing more regarding warm-up/cooldown routines and dynamic range-of-motion work to promote flexibility and resilience.

i admit, i've slacked off on this over the past year...which is about the time these injuries started to linger. i got complacent, and figured that being fit i could forego the warm-up/cooldown and dynamic range-of-motion stuff. in reality, it may have been because of such stuff that i was able to maintain fitness. i'm going to have become a little more religious about that stuff once again.

to honor this recommitment, i'm providing some current Youtube videos that i found useful. maybe those of you experiencing the same issues i am will find them so as well. cheers.

i'll give you an update, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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