Monday, September 01, 2014

i can't forget you

you know how sometimes there are certain memories, certain times, certain people you wish you could forget? 

and if there was a machine that could erase them from your mind you'd want to do it? 

but then you remember everything that happened, and find yourself unable unwilling unknowing anything otherwise, and realize that no, no, this you won't let go. because despite everything that happened, there's some things greater than the universe, and it's only found in the spaces between the moments shared beneath the silence of the stars. and there was a reason you saw this in her eyes. 

and it's the same reason poets write their words and dreamers dream their dreams and the winds whisper deep from the depths past reason into serenity. and if she had not been there, you would have never come to know the path that led to wisdom. and this is why it is such a sorrow so sweet, and this is why you remain, and this is why you remember.

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