Sunday, October 14, 2007

initial rest (training notes 10/12/07)

well, there should have been training notes for each of the past 3 weeks, since i'd technically started training for IMNZ 2008 then. but it's been busy, so i kind of slacked on the training notes part.

besides, it's not there was a lot to say--i mean, all i had was "workouts started, i'm tired, i'm sore, i'm hungry, and i'm huffing and puffing like a fat overweight cow lumbering up the hill to get back to the barn." what else is there to add?

this past week was a recovery week, with reduced training volume and reduced intensities. i'd almost forgotten to take it, but then courtesy of my increasingly trusty Google Training google calendar, i suddenly realized that i was starting to stretch the build cycle--and in any training plan, this is not a good idea. it certainly explains why i'd been feeling so beat down.

of course, i had to fight the urges to continue ramping up the workouts. they always warn you about this in training. your mindset tends to keep driving for increased workouts, because of neurosis or paranoia or endorphic addiction (or maybe all 3), even though you're feeling exhausted and you're well aware your body needs to rest.

but i forced myself to take some extra time this past week to ease off. which was just as well, since i used that time to make some progress on my dissertation (the deadline to submit to my advisor is fast approaching), and i could tell that my lower back muscles were in dire need of recovery (you ever get that feeling that your muscles are on the verge of breaking down? yeah, it was just like that).

i wanted to take time yesterday (Saturday) to watch the Ironman World Championships in Kona, especially since i know 2 people who were there. but i had kung fu, and then i had chores (groceries, gas, etc.). so i have no idea what happened. i'm waiting until they show it on repeat.

but all things good. still a little sore. but i guess that's to be expected. i start build weeks again, so fun fun fun.

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