Sunday, November 02, 2008

the hour has changed

the hour has changed.

there was a time when you feared the morning alarm. the hammer that cracked the serenity of your sleep, the reality that sliced through the bliss of your dreams, with all the harshness of the morning chill and the inevitability of the gathering dawn, pulling away whatever solace there had been to comfort you.

the hour has changed.

there was a time when you would ignore the alarm and pull the blanket over your head and curl closer into your bed and bury yourself further into your sheets and dig deeper into your pillow and do anything to go back to sleep sleep sleep and to seek the comfort of warm and soft and cozy and still.

to turn away from the crispness of the rising air and to close your eyes to the glowing of the growing light, and do everything you could to just stay where you were...just away from whatever lay out there, beyond the confines of your own night.

the hour has changed.

now? now things are different.

now, you're actually awake before the alarm sounds. you actually can't wait for it to ring.

now, you rise, and throw off the blanket and step out from bed and push away the sheets and set aside the pillow and get away from sleep and seek something more than what there was before.

now, you delight in the morning. you taste the clean crispness of the chill, you smell the fresh aroma of the air, you hear the subtle sounds of rustling life, you feel the gentle gathering of early light, and you see the broad spectrum of the deep colors that come with the ascendance of the dawn.

and your senses tell you what you have come to know: it is a moment symphonic. and sacred, and holy, and profound. and it is a miracle that you are there to be a witness to it all.

and it makes you realize that you want to be be a part of everything out there, beyond the confines of your own night, in the freedom of open light. to be the miracle that is life.

in time without fear.

the hour has changed.

and so have you.

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