Tuesday, October 28, 2008


the past couple of days i've finally started feeling somewhat normal again...at least enough so that i'm actually able to think about food without getting queasy, and able to think about workouts without wondering if i'm going to collapse.

boooooooooo, food poisoning (or whatever it was)! remind me not to get it again.

i decided to get myself back into training this morning. i'm not quite 100% (if you asked for a number, i'd peg around 80), but i can see the fat accumulating and the love handles returning, and i'm just feeling disgusted with myself. that, and i've only managed 1 workout in the past 2 weeks, which is not good.

things actually weren't so bad today. 50 minutes on the treadmill, and i was shocked at how decent i felt--i'd expected a really really really painful 40 minutes, but was feeling good enough that i ventured on for another 10. the post-run workout wasn't that bad either, with me able to do most of the usual lower-body and core training. all that, and my digestive system didn't give me any issues. i'm actually feeling better now than i did before.

one thing that kept me going today was daydreaming about myself being a kenyan runner....not so much kenyan, but more runner. with the effortless, graceful, silky smooth, supremely beautiful stride and superbly built lean physique of someone attuned in all phases of their existence with the pure act of moving forward at speed. it's a daydream summed up in a picture i found of several kenyan runners at an unknown race, caught in profile, each one framed in perfect form, with the ease and flow that can only be displayed by someone with supreme mastery of their skills, so that it becomes more than science, but rises to art, and at its best becomes a reflection of the majesty that is life.

i daydreamed this. i held this picture in my mind. and i believed in me being the image. motion caught without a time. and i thought of no tension, no tightness, no laboring, no weakness, no hurting, no suffering, no fear, no anxiety, no tentativeness, no anguish, no sorrow...no pain.

just easy. just smooth. just graceful. just beautiful. just supreme.

yeah, i know. it may have been just a dream. and i may have been anything but.

but guess what?

1 workout down.

and i can handle infinite to go.


Trihardist said...

At the end of workouts, when I'm doing whatever it takes to finish strong, I picture Chrissie Wellington running out of T2 like she has not a care in the world.

Sladed said...

Neither you or I may ever approach seemingly effortless, amazing running of those Kenyans but what a great thing to visualize. I'm using it tomorrow. Thanks!