Saturday, March 14, 2009

sort of sick

well, i guess i found a part of the reason for my insomnia, exhaustion, soreness, lethargy, irritability, moroseness, and overall general bad mood.

i've been sick.

oh yeah...that might certainly explain the past 2 weeks, during which time i'm sure i've managed to hurt other people's feelings, alienating most and essentially ignoring the rest. i'll have to extend some mea culpas and large apologies in the next few weeks (sorry guys, really).

i know, i know--how do i explain not having a clue?

well, my allergies have been acting up something fierce for the past month, giving all hellacious kinds of congestion, itchy eyes, headaches, wheezing, and coughing. which led me to believe that everything was just due to the pollen count.

but round about last Sunday i suddenly realized that i also had a fever.

oooooooooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaah...little more than allergies now.

it's not that bad--not bad enough to be debilitating, but certainly bad enough to be annoying. and certainly enough to bring on the insomnia and make my life really really really not fun...and enough, i decided, to voluntarily shoot a self-inflicted hole in my training.

weighing the merits of resting (and thereby hopefully getting over this sickness, but at the price of a loss in fitness) versus training (and thereby extending the illness, and possible sinking me even deeper in fitness loss), i decided to heed to words of all the coaches i've ever had and just park things for awhile (the rule they always said: if no fever, play; if a fever, don't play--not just because exercise stresses the immune system beyond recovery, but also because you're really contagious...and that's just rude).

yeah, i know, this week of rest has made me a fat, pudgy, lumpy, snot-filled, sore-throat piece of lazy turd. believe me, i feel like it. but hopefully it'll nip this illness in the bud before it gets any worse, and before i take any more of a hit in fitness.

i'm feeling better already. at least now i'm not so ornery as i was a few days ago. and i actually got a full night's sleep last night.

i don't know what this was. it's certainly more than a cold, and i originally would have said the flu, except that i had a flu shot last November. it's possible that it was a flu strain, and my immune system was just taking it on. i know there's been another bug going around that's very similar, and people have been telling me it lasts for months (as in 2-3).

i certainly don't want it to be the latter. that's the last thing i need right now.

i hope to resume training this coming week. i've got some fitness to make-up. but hopefully it won't be too bad...hopefully.

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