Wednesday, April 08, 2009

spontaneous (dance! dance! dance!)

have you ever wanted to be free?

so much of our lives are framed in regimentation. agendas, priorities, timetables, calendars, schedules, plans. marked out in blocks and chunks and slots and entries. all arranged in rigid structures of appointments, meetings, discussions, sessions, events, talks. all broken down by deadlines and deliverables and due dates and demands. so much so that it extends throughout our being, seeps throughout our existence, smothers us, until it spans work and school and home and training and resting and eating and drinking and waking and sleeping and family and friends and colleagues and strangers and you...especially you.

form and function and detail and dress. metronome time metronome rhyme metronome pace metronome race. fixed. frozen. steady. still.

we subject ourselves to this willingly. because, we tell ourselves, we need these things. so as to be organized. so as to be on track. to the aspirations set before us. to the goals that approach our grasp.

we tell ourselves this. so often, so much, that we forget a life without it, fear a life outside of it, even forswear a life beyond it.

truth is, deep down inside, a part of us always remembers the truth, and sees these things for what we're too often afraid to admit they really are: limits. constraints. bindings. chains.

have you ever wanted to be free?

have you ever wanted to just break away?

from the regimentation, the structure? the so much so, seeping smothering spanning? the form and function and detail and dress? the metronome fixed frozen steady still?

to just let loose?

you know you have.

because inside of you, inside all of us, there is something that seeks a life without limit. a life without it. a life outside of it. a life beyond it.

something that yearns to just forget everything--everything--and just let go. and then let ourselves just move. any way. any how. move. in whatever manner gives expression to everything about us that we've held inside ourselves for far too long.

something that calls you as a creature of creation to recall that you were created in the image of creation, and that creation is motion and motion is action and action is energy and energy is eternity, and that through these things you may know the meaning of your existence and your existence may know the meaning of your life, and that through these things you may finally see--as much as any creature of creation can ever see--the supreme sanctity that is divine joy.

like this:
train station, antwerp, belgium:

or this:
shibuya, tokyo, japan:

or even this:
where's matt? (around the world):

because you were made human

because you were made in reflection of the divine.

and because of this

you were meant to live

you were meant to be free.

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