Saturday, May 08, 2010

Motivation May for Mother's Day

well, it's May. yeah, May. May. as in the very merry month of. as in the height of spring in. as in leading into summer with. May. sun. flowers. breeze.


every day.

hey hey hey.

which leads me to say:

yes. i know. i haven't written a post in awhile. some of you have made it very clear to me. last one was April 28. which makes it almost 2 weeks. bad. not good. deplorable. one would think i'd forgotten about this blog and that i'd abandoned you. neither, i assure you, is the case. it was simply errant misbehavior on my part. as a measure of my remorse, i offer my formal mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa and my sincere apologies.

i'm scratching my head as to how that happened, since there's been a lot of things going on--although, maybe i did get a bit lackadaisical because there's been a lot of things going on. i can say this: my brother got married, and it involved a mad, frenzied, haphazard cross-country trip out to Boston. it was mad, frenzied, and haphazard because it was in the midst of midterms week and final exams week for the schools i'm at. and made even more mad, frenzied, and haphazard because it coincided with the due dates for term papers and graduation dates. all of this made, and has made, for a situation of me being overwhelmed, overfraught, and overworked. which makes it all no wonder that i'm a little bit out-of-sorts and off-track.

and it didn't help that i missed out on Ironman St. George, which was the race i'd been training for but had to miss out on (my brother's wedding occurred the same day...oh joy). you might think of this as actually being good fortune, given some of the race reports coming back. but it's left me without any sense of release, accomplishment, or fulfillment that would help me move on with everything that i have to do. as a result, i've been feeling in a bit of limbo between what-ifs and might-have-beens versus what-nows and what-to-dos (reference: wishing).

all of which has served to make my life like my body like my mind like my spirit like my life: fat. chunky. indolent. ossified. immobile. useless. pathetic. lifeless.

none of which is good, because as human beings and creatures of creation we are supposed to be something else:


and i have to say i probably still would be lifeless and out-of-sorts and off-track if i hadn't woken up and suddenly realized it was Mother's Day tomorrow (Sunday, May 9, 2010 in the U.S. for those who may not know). and as any man and son knows, if there's one day on the calendar that is sacrosanct--and the one day for which you know you will receive absolute hell for forgetting--it's Mother's Day. she gave us life, right? this knocked me back into reality just enough to realize:
  1. wow. i really did almost forget Mother's Day.
  2. wow. i really did forget to post anything on this blog for 2 weeks.
  3. wow. i really did lose my bearings and sense of time.
  4. wow. i really do need to do something.
so in the spirit of the lifestyle about living and life that i keep writing about on this blog, i figure it's high time for me to get off my butt and back into the game and get myself motivated and move move move on with the rest of my life--whatever there is of it, wherever it may be, however it works, whenever it comes about, why ever it ever is.

it's May. winter's over. summer's coming on. it's time to get rolling and get outside and enjoy long days and clear blue skies and bright shiny sun. it's time to wake up. it's time to go on. it's time to live.

starting from now.

so i'm going to call this Motivation May. as in motivation to move. as in motivation to live. hopefully ahead. hopefully well. hopefully now. what where how when why. so that i can become a human being and a creature of creation being what i am supposed to be: my life is my body is my mind is my spirit is my life is my life is my body is my mind is my spirit is my life is my life is my body is my mind is my spirit is my life...unto the depths of eternity.

and oh yeah, since we're on the theme of living and life, i will remind you to remember the person who did give you life, and tell her Happy Mother's Day. i'll let you read this:
i love you Mom!

remember: Motivation May!

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