Monday, January 17, 2011

LA marathon 2011 sign-up

just a short note today, to share with anyone who might be interested.

i signed up for the 2011 Los Angeles Marathon. i did it partially to alleviate the monotony (i haven't done a race of any kind in a long time, and so all i've had is just training with no end), partially to get back into some semblance of shape (as much as i've kept my weight under control, my fitness levels are atrocious, especially after the winter holiday season), and partially just to force myself to socialize more (training is lonely, and i really do need to meet some people willing to share what it is i have to share).

am i in shape? what? are you kidding? that's comedy, my friend. i'm struggling to even run 8 miles right now. but i've got about 2 months, and that should be enough to get the necessary fitness levels back. i definitely won't be in condition to race it, but i'll certainly be able to finish, and--most importantly for me this time--to do so having a good time.

race day is Sunday, March 20, 2011. if you want to join up, registration at this time is still open:

the race itself isn't anything really big. i've covered the race distance before, both in Ironmans and as races unto themselves, so i don't foresee this as being any major life-altering experience. if anything, i'm just going to treat this as a nice long aerobic workout in a social environment where i get to meet new people who have something in common with me.

i do, however, do see the race as being novel, as in fun and unique. the race course is all downhill, starting from Dodger Stadium and ending all the way near the Santa Monica Pier. according to the event organizers, the race will have 1 Los Angeles landmark for every mile. this will allow runners to enjoy many of the world-famous landmarks of the city devoid of traffic at a pedestrian level--which is something, considering just how unlikely it is that anyone can go past any of them without street congestion.

for my part, i'm going to do the race carrying a camera, so i can take pictures on the way. hopefully i'll be able to put together a decent log of a marathon from a racer's perspective for everyone to see.

you can check out the video of the race course from the race website:

there's also an animated course map:

you can also check out the PDF of the course map and profile:

if anyone else is planning to be in LA on March 20 and you feel like doing (or watching) the race, feel free to join me. i'd be happy for the company. and events like this are always more fun the more people are in it together.

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