Thursday, December 08, 2011

there are really just 2 types of people

we are taught that there are really just 2 types of people: those who say they can, and those who say they can't.

there are reasons why this is so. some think they can (or can't). some know they can (or can't). the basis for both can be seen as being either ex ante, in that some exercise reason a priori to determine their capabilities (or lack thereof), or ex post, in that some acquire experience a posteriori to discover their capabilities (or lack thereof). either way, the result is the same: 2 categories starkly defined by what is perceived as possible.

there is, however, a deeper truth.  thinking and knowing.  reason or experience.  these are functions of the body and mind, and hence a product of the physical more than a construct of the abstract.  but we live. and living is a state beyond the grasp of the discernible that runs to a sense of the incomprehensible, and so extends beyond the corporeal to the realm of the spiritual.  and as such leads us to the crux of conundrum of the enigma of the mystery of the unknown of the infinite that underlies all of creation: faith. as in those who believe and those who don't.

because faith sets for us our perception of what is possible.  it sets the reference for what we believe and what we don't, and thereby marks for us what is real and what is not.  and hence through belief we define what we can think and what we can know and what we can reason and what we can experience and so define what we can live, even to the extent that we can discern the incomprehensible.

so that the incredible becomes manifest, the ineffable becomes understood, and the improbable becomes every day.

and that's the difference between finishing and quitting, staying or leaving, going versus never starting at all.

it's the difference that changes lives; it's the difference that changes the world.

the difference between those who believe and those who don't:

the difference that decides what is possible.

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