Saturday, December 17, 2011

have a little faith in me

the countenance of hope calls not just for belief in a better world, but also for belief in better people.  belief that we as a species can rise to the better parts of our nature and approach the potential that lies within us to find the purpose to which we are promised as components within the architecture of the cosmos, and thereby make of our lives the testament of this earth before creation.

the challenge, however, is that so often our belief is unrequited. despite our aspirations for the world, the people within it seem to invariably prove themselves to be less than better.  even those within our lives, whom we are so frequently allowed to choose, so often show themselves to be something short of expectations.  at times, it seems too much for them to even make minimum requirements.  sometimes, they even reveal themselves to darkness, and so make themselves dangerous.

it seems to happen more than we'd like. whether by design, by accident, by stupidity, or fate, it seems our lives are full of people who fail us, disappoint us, deceive us, wrong us, injure us, hurt us. and regardless if they seek to do so or if they just can't help themselves, it makes us think that the number of better people--good people--in our lives can be counted on the fingers of one hand...and then it makes us wonder if they'll be the ones to hurt us next. because as much as we may choose the people around us, it seems we keep choosing wrong.

such a state means a betrayal of belief and an attack upon hope. for everyone in general, for ourselves in particular.

the truth, however, is that the people we choose are ultimately reflections of our state of mind.

because we tend to gravitate towards those who share the same spirit as us. which means that for all their foibles, frailties, fickleness, pettiness, spite, vices, and outright flakiness, the people in our lives are really just indicators of those same qualities in ourselves.  and so their actions are merely responses to a loss of belief and an absence of hope--perhaps disruptive, possibly harmful, definitely dysfunctional, but responses all the same.  for everyone in general, for themselves in particular.

which means that as much as we wish to improve the people who populate our lives, we really need to improve ourselves.  we have to be the basis of belief and the embodiment of hope they, and we, desire to see.  we have to be, in short, one of the better people.

even though we are to be counted on the fingers of one hand.

and despite what others, indeed the world, may seek to do and as much as they, or anyone, cannot help themselves, we can control our actions and we can control who we are.  enough that we can make of ourselves a full testament of our creation, which is that purpose which the universe was meant to see: the better parts of our nature, and thus the countenance of life's hope.

that enables the true import of the words:

have a little faith in me.

when the road gets dark
and you can no longer see
just let my love throw a spark
and have a little faith in me
and when the tears you cry
are all you can believe
just give these loving arms a try, baby
and have a little faith in me

and when your secret heart
cannot speak so easily
come here darling, from a whisper start
to have a little faith in me
and when your backs against the wall
just turn around and you, and you, you will see
i will catch you, i will catch your fall, baby
just have a little faith in me

well, i've been loving you for such a long time, girl
expecting nothing in return
just for you to have a little faith in me
you see time, time is our friend
cause for us, there is no end
and all you gotta do, is have a little faith in me
i said, i will hold you up, i will hold you up
and your love gives me strength enough, so
have a little faith in me
i said hey, all you gotta do for me, girl
is have a little bit of faith in me

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