Friday, February 10, 2012

vacation, injuries, issues, and an absence

ok, yeah, i know. last post was back in december and it's now february. it's been awhile. the blog was lonely. so were you. and i was ditto.

if it helps, i did not intend on taking such a long absence from posting on this blog.  i originally planned on the typical winter break over the holiday season and resuming things once things had passed new year's (gregorian, not lunar).  but as you can see, things went for a little bit longer than expected.

it turned out some things came up beyond vacation. i'll spare you the details. i'll just say that once i returned from the annual vacation trip with the family and recovered from the resulting jet lag,  i did resume the usual active lifestyle. unfortunately, i managed to pick up some nagging injuries, primarily in the lower extremities (knee and ankle).  nothing bad, but enough that it registered as reminiscent of some past unpleasant unwanted experiences with chronic ligament and tendon damage.  i decided that caution was the better part of valor and that i should nip things in the bud by just shutting everything down and letting my body work itself out. i'll consider it part of a winter hibernation--and who knows, maybe my body was telling me something and that it really did need this extended period of physical down-time to recharge all systems.

beyond that, i've been experiencing the same challenges everyone else has with these economic times, and it's made it necessary for me to make work more than just a priority but an all-consuming factor in my life. i know this runs counter to the messages that readers of this blog share about trying to find a healthy, productive, constructive lifestyle conducive to overall development as a human being. as you probably realize, however, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control and which we do not plan and to which we have to direct ourselves, at least until the crisis passes.

in the meantime, i assure you i will resume posting. it's sort of like training, albeit of a mental and spiritual kind, and hence something i consider relevant to personal health. just like you, i think it's important for us to make this journey. it's ultimately what life, and hence this blog, is really about.

let's keep going, kids. we'll be all right.

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