Monday, November 19, 2007

build and rest (training notes 11/17/07)

okay, so this is a little late.

but i have an dissertation defense is coming up this coming Wednesday, and the past few weeks have been just a little busy finishing my manuscript in time and getting myself prepped. as a result, this entry is going to cover 2 weeks (as opposed to the usual 1), and is going to be somewhat curt.

the week ending 11/11/2007 was good. excellent build week. i finished with a solid long bike ride (66 miles in 4:09), and also got in a good long runs of 10-11 miles and a long swim of 3400 yards over the 2 weeks prior. obviously, these aren't going to be the longest long workouts i have planned--or need--but they're good steps up in the training workload.

this past week was a recovery week. i had much lighter volume, and even though tempted to keep pushing the training, made it a concerted effort to hold myself back and allow my body to rest up. i'm really trying to be religious this year about the training cycle, which is for 2-3 weeks build and 1 week rest.

i'm operating under the theory that you have to let your body adapt to specific workload to enable it to take on additional workload, and if you don't give it time to recover then it will never adapt, and hence never grow to accommodate higher volumes.

the build phase of the cycle begins again this week, and the distances are going to get longer than before. strangely enough, i'm actually kind of looking forward to it.


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