Saturday, October 24, 2009

the going sure is nice

there are days when you wake up, and everything is right. the air is clear, the wind is crisp, the light is soft, the land is still, and time is more than time and space is more than space and the world is more than the world and

you want to go
everywhere; everywhere
is the murmuring of whispers deep in the mist with the message
that calls you forth to venture beyond your mind
to places you do not know and that you cannot find but which
you most assuredly were meant to understand as clear as the meaning of this sacred morning.

and on these days, you arise in the bliss
that comes with the certainty
that lies in the calm
that holds the secret
that is the beyond

wherever; wherever
the water is harsh the wind is sharp the terrain is steep the body is afire
but does not can not will not reach you

you are a solitary single soul upon golden glowing tree-lined shaded sheltered streets lying in the light of foothills rising in the silence to the majesty of god's great mountains and the realization that you are reaching one step closer to the face of heaven and the sanctity that is the sacred that is the stillness that is eternity
breathing; breathing
guiding seeking aspiring following wandering journeying
in the rhythm that goes as deep and as strong and as certain as the symphony of the song of the sublime sung by the holy of the story of the truths that are the most divine
out there

you do not know
you do not know
you do not know
the going sure is nice.

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