Sunday, October 18, 2009

rappstar's IMAZ 2009 charity event

this is positively brilliant. so brilliant, in fact, that i feel compelled to pass the word:
some of you may have seen the announcement for this already on Slowtwitch:
yes, i know. i just did a social-cause post, and some of you may already be feeling some compassion fatigue. but this caught my eye because it connects Ironman to underdeveloped communities, and i think any attempt to do something like that--especially logically coherent ones like this--deserves to be lauded.

essentially, pro Ironman triathlete Jordan Rapp is using Ironman Arizona 2009 as a vehicle for generating financial support for his efforts to supply bicycles to secondary school children in Zambia. these children frequently travel long distances to reach school, and the idea is that bicycles would alleviate this problem and thereby eliminate at least one of the many myriad challenges facing their education.

the concept is this: Jordan Rapp has created a raffle, with the cost of each raffle ticket being $134. $134 is the cost of 1 bicycle in Zambia, which means that each raffle ticket is going to donate 1 bicycle to a school kid in Zambia. the raffle prizes are given in the Slowtwitch announcement. raffle prizes will be awarded on-line following IMAZ. in addition, Jordan will donate a portion of his prize money, should he get any, towards purchase of the bikes.

so for any of you triathletes, Ironman or otherwise, who have desires to relate your sport to social causes, this is an opportunity. feel free to check it out, and if it meets your wishes, feel free to donate.

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