Sunday, January 07, 2007

training round-up, week ending 1-6-07

getting back from the holiday break/recovery period. i wanted to hit things a little bit harder then i did, but i had a flare-up of some knee pain on the run and so decided to postpone the scheduled weekend long trail run until tuesday.

but apart from that, all systems are go.

sunday, dec. 31

rest day

monday, jan. 1

  • brick: stationary bike, 30 minutes + treadmill, 30 minutes (recovery), aerobic conditioning (zone 2)
  • weight training (chest, abs), 30 minutes, immediately following

tuesday, jan. 2

rest day

wednesday, jan. 3

  • stationary bike (build), 60 minutes, muscular endurance (zone 3 & zone 4), lyons center, start time 7am
  • weight training (legs, abs), 30 minutes, immediately following
thursday, jan. 4

  • long swim (build), 3200 meters, muscular endurance (zone 3), rose bowl aquatic center, start time 10:30am
  • weight training (chest, back), 30 minutes, immediately following
friday, jan. 5

  • trail run (easy), 6 miles, aerobic conditioning (zone 2 & zone 3), rose bowl, start time 9am
  • kung fu (recovery), 60 minutes, rose bowl, start time 3:30pm
saturday, jan. 6

  • kung fu (recovery), 3 hours, casuda canyon park, start time 10:30am

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